Enabling SketchUp Extensions

Enabling SketchUp Extensions

Enabling SketchUp Extensions describes how to enable and disable Render Plus add-ons using the SketchUp Extensions window.

What is a SketchUp Extension?

A SketchUp Extension is like any other Ruby script, except for the fact that you make a few extra code calls to tell SketchUp that it's an "extension," which means that users can easily turn it on or off by clicking a checkbox under the SketchUp Preferences > Extensions menu. Extensions make it easier for end users to manage all of their applications.

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When you install a Render Plus add-on, it is automatically added to the SketchUp Extensions list, and automatically set to load automatically whenever you load SketchUp.

Add-ons can be activated and deactivated via SketchUp’s extension manager. If you don't see the add-on on your toolbar, ensure that the application is enabled under Window » Preferences » Extensions in SketchUp.

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