Materials Tab

Materials Tab


Materials Tab

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Icons across the Top:

  • New Material - Select a new material from one of the standard types.
  • Get Material from File - Browse the disk for a .ArMaterial file to load into the drawing.
  • Save Material to a File - Save the selected material in the List of Material onto the disk
  • Edit Material - Edit the selected material using the Advanced Material Editor
  • Attach Material to Objects - Attach the selected material to one or more objects in the drawing.
  • Remove Material from Objects - select an object in the drawing and remove any materials from it.
  • Material Mapping - Select an object and define special mapping - Box, Planar, Cylindrical, etc.
  • Quick Mapping - Map material by origin and axes

New Material Types:

New Material Types

List of Materials in Model

These are the materials you have created, or loaded from libraries on the disk.

Drag any material onto an object in the model to place - either on that object - or on all objects in the same layer.

Drag any material onto the Layer list below to assign it to that layer.

Layers and Material Assignments

This lists the layers in your model, and any materials assigned to that layer.

Drag any material from the material list above onto a layer name to assign it to that layer.

Video Tutorial

In this Video, Daniel will show you how to create materials and use materials from libraries using nXtRender for AutoCAD.

Create a solid color material, create a material with a texture, select and place materials from libraries.

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