Post Processing Features

Post Processing Features

Post Processing

Image Layer Wizard

The Image Layer Wizard makes it easy to scale and position foreground and background images with your rendering.

Watch the Video: HDRi Positioning Video

How to use it

  1. Download the latest version of IRender nXt
  2. Select Position/Preview from the Background Setup Tab.

Post Processing Wizard

IRender nXt includes several post processing features to make changes to your rendered image without the need of using other third party software.

These are all combined into the Post Processing Wizard.

See: Post Processing

Material Channels

Material Channels are used to adjust the color or luminance of pixels rendered from a material after rendering.

Videos and Tutorials

Image Filters

Image Filters can be used to sharpen your rendered image or apply other standard filters.

Real Time Haze

Post Processing to set haze and fog effects.

These effects can be modified after the rendering is completed.

Foreground Image

Foreground Images are special images which you can place in front of your model. They can be used for logos and pattern masks, as well as stencils placed in front of the rendering.


Watermarks - are used to place logos, foregrounds images, or texture maps in front of your rendering.

nXt Image Editor

The nXt Image Editor is used for Post-Processing images after the rendering has been completed.

Background Image

Background Images are special images which you can place behind your model.

  • Simple Background - you can use any image as a simple background for skies or other pruposes
  • HDRi Skies - for full illumination and reflection of a background image, you will need to use an HDRi Sky
  • Image Layer WIzard - backgrounds can easily be positioned using the Image Layer Wizard.
  • See: HDRi Skies
  • Video: Background Wizard Video
  • See: Background Image

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