RPS 3D PDF Full Version Samples

RPS 3D PDF Full Version Samples

Samples of RPS 3D PDF which will take your SketchUp models and turn them into interactive 3D PDF files that can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

These are RPS 3D PDF Samples on the web.

If you have posted RPS 3D PDF models to your web site, please let us know so we can include links to them.

First Sample PDF's from clients
(These all are created with the commercial version of RPS 3D PDF and stored on the client's web site)
Click on the title under any image to sample the interactive 3D PDF

Millenium Wheel / London Eye (PDF)
Millenium Wheel / London Eye

Sustainable Industries Supplement 2008
Top 10 Green Building Products
'3D Models Created by: Blue Marble Project
Each product is presented as a 3D PDF

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (PDF)
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Colosseum - Rome (PDF) www.3dHH.de Colosseum - Rome
Note: The 3D Warehouse model used for this PDF has been named the #1 world most popular 3d-model in the 3d-warehouse. (November 2008). See: 3D Warehouse Model

Dojo (PDF)
Dojo Plans

Japanese GatePlans (PDF)
Japanese Gate Plans

Moon Gate (PDF)
Moon_Gate_Kit.htm Moon Gate

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