RPS 3D PDF Version 2.0

RPS 3D PDF Version 2.0

RPS 3D PDF Version 2.0 - backgrounds and a larger variety of fonts and sizes.

You can download RPS 3D PDF from the Downloads Page

Also, this version allows you to create batch files to automate the creation of 3D PDFs.


  • The name of the executable has change from rpr2pdf.exe to skp_to_3d_pdf.exe. If you have any shortcuts pointing to the old executable, you should change them.


If you purchased RPS 3D PDF prior to Jan 1, 2007 you will need to upgrade your license to use the new version.

Also, there is a new 30 day free trial for the new version, so if you have already used up your trial of the previous version, you can download the new version and try it out.

See: Upgrades - to order upgrades.

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