SpaceDesign Report Wizard

SpaceDesign Report Wizard

The SpaceDesign Report Wizard creates reports for SketchUp Components, Dynamic Atributes and other Attributes.

There are several tabs, plus some pop-up dialogs to define the report.


  • Include components with no attributes - if checked, then all components appear in the report - even if they have no Dynamic Component or SpaceDesign attributes.
  • Combine components made unique or duplicated ('#' or ' copy ' in name) - if checked then component names will be truncated before any # sign (for "make unique" components), or before the word " copy ", (lower case and with spaces - for duplicated pieces in Dynamic Components).

    This will report components which have been :made unique" on the same line if all other attributes are the same. This will also report copied parts of dynamic components as the same component.

    Note: This may cause problems if you use a #-sign or the cord "copy" in other components.
  • Selected Entities only - only report on selected components and groups.
  • Use filters to choose entities - this is not working yet.
  • Drill into sub-components level - report on sub-components and components in groups up to this level.
    0 = top level components only, 1 = drill one level deep,
  • Show Totals - A total line is added to the .CSV file and Report to total columns marked as 'Show Total'.
  • Show Sub-Totals - A Sub-Total line is inserted whenever the value in the sub-total break field changes
  • Sub-Total Break Field - select a field to trigger a sub total
See: Space Design Sub Totals
  • Show Report when complete - The report or .CSV file will be launched after creation.
  • Use Skip If Setting - use to skip components which have a Skip_if attribute set.
    See Skip_if


Defined filters on which components to include in the report.


Page Size and orientation

  • Size - Letter, Legal, A3 or A4.
  • Orientation - Portrait or Landscape.
  • Margins - at edge of page

Select a logo for the report if desired

  • Position - which corner to place the logo in.
  • Show border - draw a black border around the logo
  • Height - height in inches.
    (The width will be determined by the aspect ration of the logo image.)
  • Clear - remove the logo.
  • Browse - Select the logo from your disk.

SketchUp Image

An image of the current SketchUp model and view can be included in the report.

  • Include Image - if unchecked, no SketchUp image will be included.
  • Height - height in inches.
    (The width will be determined by the aspect ration of SketchUp window.)

Text and Fonts

Specify text and font sizes for all aspects of the report.

  • Report Header Font - this determines the size of the column headings for the report.
  • Report Fields Font - size of the report data. If your report does not fit properly on the page, make this font smaller.


If you include the following in the text, it will be replaced by the proper values:

  • %model% - the file name of the current model
  • %scene% - the name of the current scene
  • %date% - today's date
  • %TM[format]% - format date or time (See: SpaceDesign Time Formats )

Sd substitutions.jpg

You can also define your own substitutions on the Substitutions Tab of the Report Wizard.


These properties are stored internally in the PDF file, and are available to the user if he/shw clicks Properties.


  • Use OpenGL for Place Symbol Dialog - on some computers, and some video boards, our Component Placement Wizard leaves artifacts on the SketchUp drawing window. If this happes o you, check this box to turn of OpenGL previewing of components.


Use this tab to define options for placing 3D PDF, interactive, views into your SpaceDesign PDF file.

  • Background color and Default Face Color
  • Views to include - Model scenes, Standard views, none, or both
  • Edge Lines - if selected, will generate 3D geometry to replicate SketchUp edges and add it to the 3D PDF model.

Model Lighting

  • Default Lights - none of these work as well as you would hope in Adobe Reader - Headlamp is a good choice.
  • File Lights - Color, Intensity and Attenuation.

Camera Constraints

  • Position Above Mdel base Only - if checked, then the user cannot orbit below the model.
  • Export 2-sided faces - If checked, both sides of each face are processed. This is necessary if some objects are ot closed, or if some faces in the model are reversed.
  • Fit SketchUp view into U3D area
  • Fit U3D into Image Area
  • U3D Image Quality - load an additional dialog or more settings.


The Project Tab sets the SpaceDesign project folder to hold settings, attributes and reports.

If you set a SpaceDesign Project then default settings and defaults are read from that folder.

See: SpaceDesign Project


This list all attributes which were marked as 'Allow on report on the Space Design Attributes spreadsheet.

  • Check All - checks all attributes
  • Check None - clears all checks
  • Format - Loads a spreadsheet to determine the order of the attributes in the page, and set the format (e.g. number of decimal places) for each attribute. See: Space Design Report Format .

All Tabs

Bottom of Report Wizard.jpg

  • Folder and File Name - name of .PDF and .CSV files.
  • Show Report when Complete - launcches the .CSV file or the .PDF file.
  • Save .CSV file - save the report information as a CSV file.
  • Create Report - create the PDF Report

Advanced Techniques

See also