Texture Set

Texture Set

Sample texture from Arroway web site

Texture Set is a Wizard in IRender nXt to make it easier to use Arroway Textures or other Image Map sets to create new .ArMaterials and SketchUp materials which render with bump, reflection and transparency masks.


Creating a Texture Set Material

Selecting the Image Maps

1. Load the Material Functions dialog from the toolbar. ( New matl24.PNG )

2. Click Create from Arroway or Image Maps and select an Arroway image map.

You only need to select one image map from a group of maps, the rest will be selected automatically.

The image maps will be loaded into the Texture Set Dialog.

3. Set the other parameters, such as width of the Image Maps.

4. Click OK. This will launch the Advanced Material Editor which can be used to make changes to the material.

5. When you select OK from the Advanced Material Editor, your new .ArMaterial will be used to create a new SketchUp Material which can be placed on faces and surfaces in SketchUp.

Image Map Types

Override these as necessary

  • Standard - colors in Image Map are used for colors on the rendered surface
  • Bump - intensities in the Image Map are used to create a Bump Map
  • Normal - intensities in the Image Map are used to define normals to the surface.
  • Specular - intensities in the Image Map define highlights and reflections.
  • Opacity - intensities in the Image Map define transparency in the material
  • Displacement - intensities in the Image Map are used to define elevation changes in the rendered geometry.
  • Strength - sets the amount of color, bump, reflection, etc.

Other Parameters

Set these as desired:

  • Width in SketchUp - defines the size that the Image Maps represent.
  • Max Image Width - Images will be re-sampled to this width to make them smaller and faster when rendering.
Set to 0 for no resizing, set to 1024 for a reasonable maximum size.
  • New Material Name - the name for this new material.
This will be set to the name of the Arroway Image Map group - but you can change it.
  • Category or folder - Enter a name here for a sub-category of materials (Wood, etc.)
This makes it easier to organize and reload your saved textures.


Room with Arroway Textures on walls and floor
Sample mesh texture - uses bump, specular and opacity mask to create 3D effect.

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