Tree Editor Changes

Tree Editor Changes

Changes & Features in the Tree Editor - Effective September 2013


Settings Tab

  • Set Metric or Imperial Units.
Overall plant dimensions are given in feet or meters. Leaf and flower dimensions are given in inches or millimeters.

Tree Editor Settings.jpg

Show Leaves

Toggle Leaves on or Off.

This makes it easy to see your changed with or without leaves with a single toggle.

Show leaves.jpg

Complex Plants

  • The UI for Complex plant type has been reworked to make it more understandable.
  • The default Complex plant type looks more like a tree,which makes it much easier to work with.
  • There are separate tabs for the overall shape and the child branches

Other Changes

  • Splitter Bar between Image and Parameters can me moved for better visibility.
  • The render engine for the Tree Editor has been switched to the Hybrid Engine for performance reasons.
  • The OpenGL display should be more responsive.

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