Using Archvision RPC with nXtRender

Using Archvision RPC with nXtRender

RPCs (®) are image-based "entourage" objects which can be inserted into your drawing and rendered. Popular RPC objects include people, cars, and plants. Some RPCs are 2D "cutout" objects which automatically orient themselves to a view. Others are 3D textured models.

RPC Car rendering with nXtRender
Rpc car in nXtRender.jpg

In order to use ArchVision RPCs in nXtRender you must download and install the plugin for Autodesk AutoCAD / AutoCAD Architecture from ArchVision's website. Be sure to install the version of the plugin which most closely corresponds to your version of AutoCAD or ACA. The plugin provides an interface within AutoCAD for downloading, inserting, and editing content.

Additional Notes

  • Always use the RPC's "Cast Reflections" switch when working in nXtRender. Shadows and reflections will not be correct unless this switch is set.
  • A "post-process" plugin is also available for Adobe Photoshop(r). Since RPCs are prelit, better results can often be obtained by inserting them into finished renderings.
  • Piranesi (®) also offers direct support for RPCs
  • RPCs inserted into AutoCAD also work properly with the AutoCAD native _RENDER command.

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