IRender nXt Tab

IRender nXt Tab

nXt Tab

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Special Options for IRender nXt .
nXtRender plants
  • Season - sets the default season for all plants.
  • Random Rotation - randomly rotates plants.
  • Random Height - randomly scales plants.
See: Create Plant
  • Color Render Mode - renders scene without colors or textures
Normal - use normal rendering mode.
Clay - no textures, all colors are white
Gray - No Texture - no textures, all color are grey
Color - No Texture - no textures, normal but use material colors.
See: Color Render Mode for more examples.
Example of clay render mode

Section Planes
You can use SketchUp Section Planes to cut sections through your IRender nXt model.
IRender nXt cannot tell which section planes are enabled or disabled. Ordinarily, all section planes which are visible are used to clip the rendering.
You can override this with:
Visible Only

Create Materials from Layer Names
Create new Materials to match layer names, and assign them to faces in layers.
See: Create Materials from Layer Names

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